Knockout City Gets a Beta in April

Knockout City Gets a Beta in April

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Knockout City, the dodgeball multiplayer game from Velan Studios, is due out this May, but players can get a chance to try it out this April in the crossplay beta. Velan announced the news during Sony' State of Play and followed up with more info after the show. 

Players across all platforms - Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC will be able to try out the beta between April 2 and April 4. This will already be the second beta for the game after a closed beta earlier this month launched just after the game was revealed.

In this second beta, players can check out all the modes and maps that were present beforehand if they caught the first beta, but new content is being added for this second run as well. This includes a new map, Back Alley Brawl, as well as a new type of special dodgeball, the Sniper Ball. This superpowered sphere can be locked onto an opponent and thrown at nearly unavoidable speeds, virtually guaranteeing a hit.

Additionally, a new 1v1 mode called Face-Off has been revealed and will be playable in the upcoming beta for all players who want to test their skills on the ever-shrinking maps found in this mode. More customization items, likely with the game's retro-future aesthetic, will be available for players to toy with as well.

Knockout City launches on May 21 with a free trial of the full game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC via Origin and Steam, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility. The free trial gives players a chance to try the game and if they choose to buy it, all progression will carry over. Future content updates will arrive for free for all players, including new modes, maps, and gameplay improvements. 

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