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Elden Ring Rumors Are Spreading Quickly - Here's What You Need to Know

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It's been a busy weekend for Elden Ring, the upcoming FromSoftware game fans have been sweating for. But so much has been buried in rumors that it can be dizzying. Here are the latest developments on Elden Ring.

VGC is this morning reporting that a previously unseen Elden Ring trailer has begun circulating online. The outlet has chosen not to run the trailer for legal reasons, but reliable insider Andy Robinson has detailed some of what he saw.

“I can only imagine what drives you to seek the Elden Ring,” a narrator says in the trailer. “I suppose you can’t be talked into turning back. Very well then!”

The gameplay footage then shows a montage of familiar Souls-style melee combat, boss battles against a fire-breathing dragon and a large, sword-wielding foe, and a glimpse at horseback combat in a large, open environment.

Yup, sounds like a Souls game. Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat clarified that he believes the trailer making the rounds is one he saw last year, or at least one he saw 110 seconds of. He added that he believes even less is being circulated today.

The Elden Ring hype is heating up once more because rumors have suggested for weeks now that something is coming soon, with the latest rumor being that Elden Ring will be shown off at a March 23 Xbox digital showcase. But Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg seemed to pour cold water on not just the game reveal, but this rumored show as a whole. 

Responding to the rumor on Twitter, Greenberg said: "“Just to set expectations: this is not happening. There are always things we have in the works, but nothing coming soon that would feature game announcements or world premieres like this.”

Still, both Grubb and Bloomberg's Jason Schreier have said they expect a reveal to happen soon, with Fanbyte's Imran Khan (collectively making the internet's own Elden Ring of insiders), has added that whenever Bandai Namco chooses to reveal the game, they will do so by simply releasing a trailer online.

Though it's always been a bit funny (to me at least) that FromSoftware was pumping out new games annually until George R.R. Martin got involved with one, the truth is the game has been delayed internally more than once due to the pandemic slowing game development. But it sounds like we will finally know soon what FromSoftware has in store with its next soulslike game.

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