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Cultish Tactics Game Black Legend Comes to Nearly All Platforms This Month

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Black Legend, the foggy, cultish tactics game from Warcave, is coming to virtually all platforms this month. It hits PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on March 25. The team is celebrating the launch date with more details on the game, including a new trailer.

Warcave says one of its biggest features for the game is the ability to customize your characters from across 15 different classes which are unlocked as players move through the dark storyline. "With classes ranging from Alchemist to Sharp Shooter, there are options for all kinds of preferred strategy styles," said an official release from the team.

That sense of customization extends to the combat where players can create a wide array of combo attacks using Black Legend's extensive alchemy options. Unlike most games in the tactics genre, Black Legend is said to have "free-exploration" too, whereby players can head down the many alleys and streets in the city of Grant to seek new encounters and secrets. You can even find new recruitable characters here and add them to your party.

Speaking to the XCOM crowd who may be eyeballing Black Legend, Warcave promises its new haunting tactics title "focuses on old school strategy vibes, but without the 95% percent chance misses." 

With cross-class builds, a range of difficulty options, and those much-touted 15 character classes available at launch, Warcave is hoping Black Legend will be the new tactics game to capture players' imaginations. It launches on 




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