Xbox Game Pass Gets More Star Wars and a Lot More Sports Games

Xbox Game Pass Gets More Star Wars and a Lot More Sports Games

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Xbox Game Pass subscribers have some more choices coming their way with the reveal of six new games hitting the subscription library, including five sports games and the latest Star Wars project.

Already available is Madden NFL 21, which comes to Game Pass Ultimate by way of EA Play being included in the subscription. The full game is available for all players who want to jump into Ultimate Team, franchise, online head to head, or this year's newest mode, the arcade-inspired The Yard. This addition extends only to Game Pass on console.

Tomorrow, March 4, three more games will be added to the library, including NBA 2K21 on cloud and console, as well as two versions of Football Manager 21, for console and PC, though it should be noted that the console version can still be played on PC anyway.

Later in March, Star Wars Squadrons will arrive in Game Pass. The space combat flight sim was a quiet hit for EA last year, so much so that the game received unplanned content updates after promising there would be none. It was a strange sales pitch to players, but it comes from the bad name EA left Star Wars multiplayer with following the launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and its pay-to-win fiasco. But Squadrons proved to do well enough that fans ended up clamoring for a bit more anyway.

Lastly, in April one more sports game will hit the service in the form of NHL 21. This too comes only to Game Pass Ultimate members as it's part of EA Play, though of course those folks who may still be subscribed to only EA Play can also access NHL and Madden after their respective additions to the library.

It seems there's a new list of Game Pass titles to share about every week, so see you soon.


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