Valheim has Sold 5 Million Copies in its First Month

Valheim has Sold 5 Million Copies in its First Month

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Valheim has continued to be a massive hit. 

Valheim has proven to be quite successful. On Steam, it was announced that the game has sold over 5 million copies in the month that it has been out. According to developer Iron Gate, players have spent more than 15,000 years playing the game. Over 35 million hours of gameplay has been viewed on Twitch, and the game has also been pushed into the 39th best user reviewed game of all time on Steam. The title also reached 500,000 concurrent players on Steam, briefly beating out DOTA 2. This is all quite impressive considering the fact that Iron Gate is a five person team. 

"We watch with pride and excitement, and struggle to find the right words to express our gratitude to you, the community," Iron Gate stated. "Exciting new milestones lie ahead, and we for one cannot wait to show you more of the game as we journey through our 2021 Roadmap. 

"May Frey bless you with a plentiful harvest, and may Heimdall watch over your settlement. Oh, and if you see an oversized mosquito, run.

"Praise Odin!" 

In Valheim, gamers play as a battle-slain warrior who's soul has been taken to Valheim, the tenth Norse world. Once there, players will explore a huge procedurally-generated world filled with mystical lands, mysterious forests, snowy mountain ranges, and stunning meadows. This all comes complete with creatures of legend for gamers to engage in battle, and wildlife for them to hunt. As players explore Valheim, they will have to gather resources in order to build weapons, armor, strongholds, and outposts. Gamers can drop into the world of Valheim with others, with up to ten players being able to take on the world around them. 

Valheim is currently available on PC through Early Access on Steam. 

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