Second Extinction 2021 Roadmap Revealed

Second Extinction 2021 Roadmap Revealed

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Second Extinction, the open-world co-op dino-shooter is still in Early Access, but now players can get a better idea of what the next several months look like as the game is continuously improved and changed. 

First, the game is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One "very soon" by way of Xbox's Early Access equivalent, Game Preview. Once it arrives on those consoles, Avalanche says players can expect ongoing parity between Xbox and PC in terms of content updates. 

Currently, the game's third preseason, Necrosis, is underway, having started just recently. Preseason 4 will begin in April and it will bring a proper tutorial to the game as well as a new enforcer character. In Preseason 5, coming in June, a new enemy type, a new enforcer-class weapon, and controller mapping will all be added to the game.

Continuing the seasonal changeover schedule, Preseason 6 will begin in September and looks like perhaps the biggest update of the year. It will bring crossplay to the game between console and PC players. It will also introduce a new Horde Mode, another Operative character, and add in-game comms for the first time.

The final update of 2021, Preseason 7, will launch in November and refresh with new seasonal contracts as well as add a new secondary weapon. Avalanche also made it clear these are just the major beats and not all players can expect from Second Extinction in 2021. "There is also a myriad of other suggestions, improvements, features, and tweaks that aren’t shown on the map but are things we are working on – we just don’t have an ETA on delivery yet."

Second Extinction comes from Systemic Reactions, a subteam within Avalanche Studios, the brand behind games like Just Cause, Mad Max, and Generation Zero.

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