The Epic Games Store Will be Receiving More Social Features

The Epic Games Store Will be Receiving More Social Features

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A number of social features are on the way for the Epic Games Store. 

On the Epic Games news site, a number of social features coming to the storefront were announced. The features will be releasing this year. One of the main features is the Party System. The Party System will allow players to group together and communicate via voice, text, and more. There will be an "Active Party Window," which will be a dedicated window for the Party that players are in. This window will have a number of options that will allow gamers to communicate and play. Players will have the option to share highlights and be able to play a game with a small number of the Party members while being able to talk to the entire Party. If one gamer has to leave the Party, they can do so while the other members continue playing. Inside the window, each member will have control of their audio and video options. 

There are a number of social features coming to the Epic Games Store this month. One of those features are Player Cards. Clicking on a friend in the Social Panel will bring up their Player Card, and will give them new options. While viewing the card, players will be able to manage their friendship and see mutual friends. Gamers will be able to join their party, and customize their Player Card. 

Also coming this month is an improved search feature that will now feature mutual friend friend count, the ability to search across platforms, and better matching overall. If a gamer has a pending game invite, they will be able to click "Join" and the game will launch and auto-join with their friend. A minimized view of the Social Panel will be added to the storefront, allowing players to check game invites and friend requests without having to open an entirely new window. A Do Not Disturb button is being added, allowing gamers to play their games uninterrupted. 

Epic finished by telling gamers to check out their Trello page to stay up to date on upcoming updates to the Epic Games Store. 

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