Xbox Confirms Event for March 26 Focusing on Indie Games

Xbox Confirms Event for March 26 Focusing on Indie Games

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Xbox has always given some of its stage time to the [email protected] games on the horizon, but next week those games will receive the spotlight all to themselves with an Xbox indies digital event. Stylized as the /twitchgaming [email protected] Showcase, the digital show will be streamed on Twitch next Friday, March 26 at 9 am PST. Xbox promises a look at over 100 games, including more than 25 that will receive new trailers during the show, and thus presumably a lot more content in some sort of aftershow.

The team hasn't yet revealed all the games we should expect to see, as some will remain under wraps until they're revealed on the show, but the team has name-dropped a few, including some indies that were prominently and previously revealed to be headed to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass. That includes Diablo-like cyberpunk action-RPG The Ascent, co-op dino-shooter Second Extinction, and much-anticipated survival horror shooter, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

Also on the list of teases is Exo One,  a "surreal, exoplanetary exploration game," Voidtrain, a game where players upgrade and fortify their train as it moves through interdimensional worlds, and The Wild At Heart, a game about two kids exploring a magical realm to escape real-world strife.

"We’ll also be making announcements about independent titles coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass," said an official release for the event. "Community-favorite Twitch Streamers will host the showcase and conduct interviews with developers, take fan questions and maybe even drop some game codes."

The team did stress that international viewers may want to ensure they get their world clock properly tuned, as here in the US we have already undergone daylight savings time. "For example, the showcase will be at 16:00 in the UK, not 17:00 as it usually would be."

This event has been rumored for some time with the caveat even before being that it would not focus on big first-party or AAA third-party games, but nonetheless, the excitement is permissible among avid indie game players. Catch the show next Friday, March 26 at 9 am Pacific.

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