Apple Arcade Expands to 180+ Games with Today's Huge Update

Apple Arcade Expands to 180+ Games with Today's Huge Update

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Apple Arcade has been going strong at about one new game per week for over a year now, but today's massive update brings more than 30 new games in one motion, totaling 180+ now playable for subscribers.

Apple Arcade's promise of ad-free, microtransaction-free games has so far applied only to what the service provider is calling Apple Arcade Originals, but today those games like Sayonara Wild Hearts and Lego Builder's Journey are being joined by new categories such as App Store Greats and Timeless Classics, both of which will offer games that may have once had ads or MTX, but no longer will in Apple Arcade.

Some of the biggest games to be included in today's big update are NBA 2K21: Arcade Edition, The Oregon Trail, Star Trek: Legends and more falling under the new Arcade Originals category. 

As for other new categories, the Timeless Classics will today introduce games such as Good Sudoku by Zach Gage, Chess - Play & Learn,  and Backgammon. App Store Greats will see the reinvention of popular games like Threes!, Mini Metro, and Fruit Ninja Classic, all of them now ad-free and totally playable.

You can find the full list of over 30 new games dropping today at Apple's website.

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