Final Fantasy XIV's First 5.5 Patch Launches Later This Month

Final Fantasy XIV's First 5.5 Patch Launches Later This Month

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Final Fantasy XIV's next patch now has a release date.

It has been announced that the first part of the 5.5 content update for Final Fantasy XIV will release on April 13th (via GameSpot). The game's 5.5 update will be split into two parts, and will make way for the upcoming Endwalker expansion set to release later this year. 

Part one of Final Fantasy XIV's 5.5 patch, entitled Death Unto Dawn, will include the third chapter of the game's YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse crossover alliance raid series, The Tower at Paradigm's Breach. There will be new scenario quests, and the introduction of a main story dungeon, Paglth'an. The Save the Queen questline is being updated with a new area and an increased resistance rank cap. There will also be a number of other changes and additions, including new PvP rewards, new mounts, job adjustments, and more. There will also be a new trial that pits players against the Diamond Weapon. 

Final Fantasy XIV's PlayStation 5 open beta will begin on the same day that the 5.5 patch launches. Those who are currently playing the game on the PlayStation 4 will be able to use their existing characters and game data during the open beta. The PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantasy XIV will take advantage of the system's features, which includes faster load times, increased frame rates, true 4K resolution, 3D audio, and haptic feedback. All game data from Final Fantasy XIV's PlayStation 5 beta will be transferred over to the full version of the game when it releases. The timing of the start of service for the PlayStation 5 version of the MMORPG will be determined by the progress of the beta, and will start immediately after the beta ends. 

Final Fantasy XIV is available now for PC and PlayStation 4. The game will be making its way over to the PlayStation 5. 

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