Build-a-Bear's Animal Crossing Collection Goes on Sale Soon

Build-a-Bear's Animal Crossing Collection Goes on Sale Soon

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Orders for Build-a-Bear's Animal Crossing collection will begin soon.

It has been announced that orders for the Animal Crossing collection at Build-a-Bear will begin soon. According to a newsletter sent via email, orders will begin taking place on April 6th (via Siliconera). Build-a-Bear will allow people to start lining up in a virtual pre-waiting room at 7:30 am PST / 10:30 am EST. Those who are in the pre-waiting room will be placed in a random place in line once the actual virtual waiting room opens at 8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST. Once someone's turn comes up, they will be able to browse through and purchase from the website for a limited time. 

It was also announced that Build-a-Bear's Animal Crossing collection will be available at retail stores starting in Summer 2021. The company also mentioned possible online restocks in the future. It was not mentioned which characters from Animal Crossing will be available in the collection, and how customizable the plushes will be. It can be assumed that popular characters such as Isabelle and Tom Nook will be available, but it is unknown which villagers will be a part of the collection. There was also no mention of pricing for the plushes. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been celebrating the Spring season, and will soon let gamers celebrate prom season. Until April 30th, players will be able to purchase prom themed fashion items from the Able Sister's store. These items include tuxedos and dresses. Prom themed items will also be available to purchase at Nook Shopping during this period as well. Items include a prom wall, prom flooring, and a prom sash. These items are available through New Horizons' latest update, which had released last month. The update also added seasonal events and new apps for player's NookPhones. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on the Nintendo Switch. 

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