Dying Light Gets Rust Crossover Event

Dying Light Gets Rust Crossover Event

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Two of gaming's most grueling experiences, Dying Light and Rust, are coming together in the form of DLC for Techland's open-world zombie game. Rust-themed weapons and skins are now available in the game alongside a crossover event which runs through April 26.

New themed weapons include the Salvaged Cleaver and the Rust Assault Rifle, which can be used on the game's horde's which now spawn Rust-inspired Outpost Scientist zombies. Skins for the buggy and weapons will be included free for all players in the Rust Bundle. Additionally, players can complete Research Bounties by collecting resources to earn Gold Blueprint upgrades to the Rust weapon set. 

As a community, milestones can unlock even more, like Gold Fire, Gold Freezing and Gold Poison C4 Dockets by hunting down Air Drops, raiding two new Rais’ Outposts, and eliminating bandits. The event is live now and will continue through next Monday, April 26.

There's still no clearer word on the status of Dying Light 2. Last we heard, the game is still on track for 2021, though Techland has not been any more revealing than that. It's remarkable how much post-launch support Dying Light has received even during all this time the sequel has been held up by a unfortunate, sometimes even controversial, development cycle.  

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