Genshin Impact Comes to the PS5 Later This Month

Genshin Impact Comes to the PS5 Later This Month

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Genhsin Impact will release on the PlayStation 5 later this month.

On the PlayStation Blog, it was announced that Genshin Impact will release for the PlayStation 5 soon. According to the post, the game will release for the system on April 28th. According to the Blog, the PlayStation 5 provides an ideal platform for the game, making it even more detailed, vivid, and immersive. In order to fully utilize the PlayStation 5 in the long run, developer miHoYo created a graphics library completely from the ground up. They also built a customized file-loading system that will take advantage of the console's SSD. Due to this, future updates for Genshin Impact will have the potential to elevate the game's visual quality and performance. According to miHoYo, they have only scratched the surface. 

Genshin Impact will run at native 4K on the PlayStation 5, and will have HDR support, making the world even more vibrant for those who have a HDR display. Players will also see faster loading times, helping their adventure move much more smoothly. With the system's SSD and miHoYo's file-loading system, teleporting from one place to another only takes seconds. miHoYo will also be making use of the DualSense controller's features. They stated that controller support on the PlayStation 5 is still being redesigned from scratch in order to explore the DualSense's full potential. 

miHoYo also revealed that they are preparing an exclusive version of Qingyun Peak for PlayStation 5 players. Since the mountain peak is popular with both players and the developers, they have decided to give the area a bit of a makeover in the next-gen version of Genshin Impact. It was also stated that only two of the game's seven major cities have been visited by players so far, and that gamers have a lot to look forward to. 

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices. It will come to the PlayStation 5 next week. 

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