Respawn Is Working On Multiple Projects Including New IP

Respawn Is Working On Multiple Projects Including New IP

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Respawn Entertainment, the development team most famous for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Apex Legends, and Titanfall, is juggling multiple projects internally right now, including at least one which is a brand new IP. The game would be its first new IP since 2014 and is likely still a few years away.

A job listing was tweeted by Programmer Steven Kah Hien Wong, who revealed that this new IP is in its "incubation" period, with a team of just five developers fleshing out the details of what this new game will become. He added that the team is looking for a coder to join as the sixth person on the burgeoning team.

Respawn's current focus has been on Apex Legends, which surprise-launched back in 2019 to great commercial and critical success. The free to play game remains one of the top played games across all platforms and recently got ported to Switch. A mobile release is also on the way.

In addition to that, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is likely due a sequel after the initial launch of that game, in November of 2019, saw tremendous success as well. Respawn's Titanfall series is one many fans are always wishing to see make a return, though the team has no news on that front as of yet. It now seems more likely that Respawn will just work more Titanfall content into Apex Legends, as the two games already share a story universe. 

As if the team was running low on successes, this past weekend at the Oscars, its documentary Colette, based on a French resistance movement during World War II, won the award for Best Documentary Short as an accompaniment to Respawn's VR game, Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond.




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