PS Plus Games For May Include Battlefield 5 And Killer Sharks

PS Plus Games For May Include Battlefield 5 And Killer Sharks

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A new trio of games has been annnounced for May's PS Plus subscribers. All three will be playable on PS4 as well as PS5 through backward compatibility. 

Leading the way is Battlefield 5, the first-person shooter from DICE which launched first back in 2018. It remains the most recent Battlefield to this day, due to a surprising but perhaps beneficial move by the team at EA/DICE to hold off on annual installments in favor of delivering the next major sequel. That sequel, rumored to be called simply Battlefield, will be revealed in May ahead of the publisher's earnings call on May 11. 

Battlefield 5 earned "Strong" reviews from 131 critics on OpenCritic, giving the game its 79 average today.

Also included in PS Plus for May 2021 is Wreckfest. This demolition-focused racer brings arguably the most detailed damage model in the genre to PS4 and PS5 subscribers. Wreckfest was once an indie with the working title Next Car Game, before it was acquired by THQ Nordic and launched under its current name in 2019 after a long development process. 

Wreckfest also earned "Strong" reviews, averaging an 80 from 61 reviewers.

The third and final game brings neither the seriousness of Battlefield nor the focus of Wreckfest, but if the theme of the month is chaos, it fits right in. Stranded Deep is a first-person survival game that casts players as, well, castaways. Stranded on an island with little more than a few sticks to run together to make a fire, players will need to fend off both predators and the elements to survive the harsh world. 

From a smaller pool of just ten reviewers, Stranded Deep garnered "Fair" reviews, with a 68 average.

All three games will be available starting in May, which means you have just a few days left to claim the games from April.

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