Details for Pokémon GO's May Community Day Have Released

Details for Pokémon GO's May Community Day Have Released

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We now know which Pokémon will be featured during Pokémon GO's May Community Day event. 

On the Pokémon GO blog, it was announced that the Pokémon that will be featured during May's Community Day is Swablu. The event will take place on May 15th, and will run from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time. During this time, Swablu will appear more often in the wild. Lucky players may encounter a Shiny one. Evolving a Swablu during or up to two hours after the event will result in an Altaria that knows the attack Moonblast. Mega Altaria will also be making its debut in Pokémon GO at the conclusion of May's Community Day. 

During May's Community Day, there will be a special one-time purchase Community Day Box available for 1,280 PokeCoins. The box will contain 50 Ultra Balls, five Super Incubators, five Incense, and an Elite Fast TM. For $1, gamers will be able to access the Swablu Community Day - exclusive Special Research story, Cotton-Winged Bird. 

There will be a number of bonuses during the upcoming Community Day. Incense activated during the event will last for three hours, while Eggs placed in an Incubator will have 1/4 the Hatch Distance during the event period. Players will also be able to receive a surprise when taking snapshots during the event. 

A Pokémon GO event is currently going on right now. The event is meant to celebrate the release of New Pokémon Snap. The event will last until May 2nd, and will feature Pokémon found in the Lental region. Pokémon such as Lotad, Cacnea, and Ducklett will appear more often in the wild during the event. Smeargle will appear in more snapshots than usual, with there being a chance to run into a Shiny one. The event will be focused on taking snapshots, with event-exclusive Field Research and Timed Research following this theme. 

Pokémon GO is available now for mobile devices. 

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