Xbox FPS Boost-Enabled Games Now Total Almost 100

Xbox FPS Boost-Enabled Games Now Total Almost 100

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Xbox has added FPS Boost to 74 more backward compatible games today, bringing the total count of FPS Boost-enabled games to 97 after two other recent updates. Included in the latest update are Xbox One games such as Alien: Isolation, Mad Max, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Dying Light.

FPS Boost is a program Microsoft has been building which allows last-gen games to benefit from the advanced internal tech of the Xbox Series X|S. Players can enjoy free updates that increase frame rates on nearly 100 games and counting, sometimes as high as 120 frames per second, as we saw with a recent update that enabled FPS Boost on many EA games. Before that, another five Bethesda games also received the treatment. Today's update is the biggest in the program's young history.

The update also includes several games in the Assassin's Creed franchise, both remasters in the Dead Island series, and every Far Cry since Far Cry 4, joining Far Cry 3 which was among the earliest additions to the program. Many of the games now featuring FPS Boost are in Xbox Game Pass, said Xbox's Major Nelson in a blog post today. He added that in some cases, resolutions needed to be dialed down in order to allow for an FPS Boost, and in such cases, the FPS Boost is not enabled automatically. Instead, each player can determine whether they want to turn it on or off in the game's settings on the Xbox dashboard.

"To see if the game you’re playing is running FPS Boost or Auto HDR, you can also now just tap the Xbox Button on your controller while in the game and you’ll see a Guide overlay indicator in the upper right corner if the features are enabled or not," clarified Larry Hryb.

To see the full list, head to Major Nelson's blog. And PS, don't sleep on Mad Max



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