Nacon Reveals The World's First Controller With Built-In 3D Audio

Nacon Reveals The World's First Controller With Built-In 3D Audio

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Nacon and RIG have joined forces due to an earleir acquisition, and now the duo are set to debut the world's first controller to offer Dolby Atmos 3D audio. The Nacon RIG Pro Compact arrives on May 20 to North American retailers including Walmart, GameStop, and Target with a launch price of $50 and comes in black or white. Pre-orders are now available at select retailers.

The allure of the Pro Compact is its unique ability to provide 3D audio to any headset source paired with it. The Pro Compact comes wired-only, Nacon says, to reduce latency and play more reliably for competitive players.

“This is the perfect controller for competitive players who prefer, and play better, using a smaller form factor not available in other elite products,” said RIG VP of Global Sales & Marketing, Peter Petrides. “The PRO Compact provides unparalleled levels of customization through its dedicated PRO Compact app. This, coupled with the inclusion of Dolby Atmos, makes it an extremely compelling controller for its price.”

“Dolby Atmos heightens your situational awareness and helps you reach competitive excellence,” said Mahesh Balakrishnan, Vice President of Dolby’s Audio Business. “It’s great to work again with RIG to make immersive gaming experiences more accessible to people around the world through the RIG PRO Compact.”

To use the 3D audio, players need only to download the Dolby Atmos app on a PC and connect the controller to it via USB. The controller also has its own app players can install to remap buttons, change trigger sensitivity, and alter dead zones. It is, no doubt, a controller aiming for the competitive market. 

For now, the controller is licensed only for Xbox, though it will work on PC as well, of course. Nacon said its relationship with Sony remains strong and seemed to hint something similar could release for PlayStation down the line, though the team has not shared any such plans for now.


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