Fall Guys' Season 4.5 Patch Will Include Two New Rounds

Fall Guys' Season 4.5 Patch Will Include Two New Rounds

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Details for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's Season 4.5 patch are now available. 

On Twitter, information on Fall Guys' Season 4.5 patch was released. The patch will drop on May 13th. One of the biggest additions in this patch are two new rounds. The first is the Slimescraper, which is being described as the sequel to Slimb Climb. The second is Button Bashers, which splits players into 1v1 pairs that must duel it out to determine a winner. There will also be 55 additional variations across 12 rounds. 

Another big addition in Fall Guys' latest patch will be the introduction of crossplay between PC and PlayStation 4 gamers. PC and PlayStation 4 gamers will also be able to matchmake together in all game modes, though cross-platform parties will not be possible (yet). Gamers will also be able to create custom lobbies with as few as four beans. 

A number of fixes and improvements will be made in Fall Guys' latest patch. This includes improved latency when grabbing objects or mantling. There will also now be a new player reporting feature for those who think they may have run across a potential cheater. A number of bugs were also fixed, all of which can be seen on the Twitter post. This includes localization issues across emotes, colors, costumes, and within the UI. There will also be visual fixes, including various fixes to costumes. 

The Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of Fall Guys were delayed earlier this month. According to developer Mediatonic, the original summer release date did not give them enough time to add a number of new features. This includes crossplay between all platforms when the Xbox and Switch versions release. A release date or window was not given on when the new versions of the game will be released. 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC and PlayStation 4. The game will release for Xbox and Switch later this year. 

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