A Final Fantasy XIV-themed Stratocaster is on the Way

A Final Fantasy XIV-themed Stratocaster is on the Way

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Final Fantasy XIV and Fender are collaborating to release a special guitar.

It has been announced that a special guitar from Fender is on the way. The guitar is a Stratocaster themed after Final Fantasy XIV. The guitar features a black finish with blue and purple sections meant to represent the game's Crystals of Light and Darkness. The fretboard features a special inlay on the 12th fret. The guitar will have a "limit break" option for the guitar's three single coil pickups, which runs the bridge and middle pickups together for thick, higher-output tones. The guitar will cost $3,499.99, and will come with a vintage-style hard case featuring the Final Fantasy XIV logo and an original certificate with a Final Fantasy XIV illustration card. Fender will begin taking preorders in late 2021, and will ship the guitar in early 2022. 

The Final Fantasy XIV themed Stratocaster will also make its way into the game. When Patch 5.55 release next week, the electric guitar will be introduced as an instrument in bard's Performance Mode. The in-game guitar will be able to switch between clean and distorted tones, and will allow players to execute special performance techniques such as pick sliding and mute effects. 

The upcoming limited edition Stratocaster will also be displayable in player's homes. Entitled the Aetherolectric Guitar, the instrument will be a new furnishing for players to display. The instrument will be obtainable in the Manderville Gold Saucer using MGP. 

Final Fantasy XIV's latest patch, the 5.55 patch, will release on May 25th. The patch will be making way for the game's upcoming Endwalker expansion that will be released later this year. The patch will include new quests, as well as a number of changes and additions. This includes new PvP rewards, new mounts, job adjustments, and more. 

Final Fantasy XIV is available now for PC and PlayStation 4. The game is on the way for the PlayStation 5. 

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