Harmonix Reveals Fuser's Diamond Stage, A 24/7 DJ Set Hosted By Players

Harmonix Reveals Fuser's Diamond Stage, A 24/7 DJ Set Hosted By Players

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Fuser, Harmonix's latest music-based euphoria, is getting its biggest update since the game's launch last fall. The Diamond Stage is a brand-new player spotlight mode that is constantly featuring DJ sets from players around the world. The update turns ordinary players into festival headliners by putting them on the virtual stage for all the world to watch. 

Fuser itself can host up to hundreds of players watching performers on the Diamond Stage in real-time, while the official Fuser Twitch channel will host a 24/7 broadcast of the game's new Headliner Update content.

To perform on the stage, players bank diamonds, a new in-game currency only earned through play. They can then spend those diamonds on time slots in any given period, bidding alongside other players who may want to play at the same time. Diamonds can also unlock more customization options, and overall are meant to expedite the process of unlocking cosmetics.

There are no iterations of the Diamond Stage, no alternate performers. At all times, there is one player performing at a time slot of their choosing. Time slots are booked in 30-minute intervals, though players can elect to split their 30 minutes among a group of four. Whoever is performing on the Diamond Stage is performing to the entire Fuser world.

Along with the Diamond Stage, the Headliner Update also enhances social features, including improved DJ profiles and a better recommendation algorithm that is meant to find you performers who match your musical taste--personally, I'm looking forward to hearing more from the dreampoppers of the Fuser community.

Extensive Twitch Drops and guest sets featuring some of Fuser's best players are planned for the launch and beyond of the Diamond Stage. All of this arrives via the free Headliner Update today on all platforms.

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