Let's Build A Zoo Beta Arrives On Friday

Let's Build A Zoo Beta Arrives On Friday

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Let's Build A Zoo is set to open its gates to players (but not its captive animals) this Friday, May 28 for all players who have signed up. The park management sim was announced a few weeks ago but is already ready to start taking on customers, both in-game and out, though of course the beta period will be free. Players who wish to sign up for the Let's Build A Zoo can use this link

In the Let's Build A Zoo beta, players will experience up to the first two weeks of gameplay. This eill include some sampling of the game's signature gene-splicing gameplay which allows players to make hybrid animals that defy nature. Items and animals will be unlockable, though it appears progress will reset before the full game launches later.

In a pun-filled release, the publisher No More Robots had more to say:

From development studio Springloaded Games, Let's Build a Zoo puts you in charge of your own animal sanctuary, where you can build beautiful enclosures and fill them with a whole host of different animals. It's your choice whether to be an eager beaver with grand designs, or let it all descend into otter chaos.

You can catch the reveal trailer below. No release date has been mentioned just yet but a beta of this scope may indicate it's not far off.

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