Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Comes To Consoles Next Week

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Comes To Consoles Next Week

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Alba: A Wildlife Adventure was a hit on Apple Arcade and PC when it launched last year, and now it's coming to everything else to inspire a new round of eco-conscious players and virtual photographers. Alba launches on Switch, Xbox Series X]S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4 on June 9, one week from tomorrow.

In Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, players take on the role of the titular little girl who develops a fascination for nature from a young age. Equipped with merely a notebook, a camera, and a youthful burning to do right by her community and environment, Alba embarks on a quest to uplift Pinar del Mar's wellbeing, for both the humans living by the sea as well as the wildlife in the surrounding woods.

Alba offers a smallish open-world hub where players can take on missions from townsfolk, document wildlife, or take a break with the game's photo mode, which is itself a major component of the game, as Alba moves about the world trying to find every animal who calls Pinar del Mar home.

The game earned "Strong" praise here on OpenCritic already during its initial launch. Today it enjoys an 83 average from 14 critics and was previously named the Apple Arcade Game of the Month from GamesRadar -- I should know. I wrote that feature.

Alba's green message was a hit with critics and players and has since developed a passionate virtual photographer community around the game. Meanwhile, the game's Twitter account has taken a liking to real-life birdwatchers too, revealing that the habits of Alba stretch into the walls of ustwo Games, the creator of Alba, who previously worked on Monument Valley.

You can find Alba available for pre-order on Xbox and Switch as of today before it launches everywhere on June 9.

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