Dying Light Adds Free Story Mode To Hellraid DLC

Dying Light Adds Free Story Mode To Hellraid DLC

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Just because Dying Light 2 is mere months away at this point, that doesn't mean the original Dying Light is done receiving content. New to the game is a free update to the Hellraid DLC which released last August. The new update adds a story mode that, like the main game, can be played in co-op or solo. 

The free update, titled The Prisoner, adds "story-rich quests" centered around saving "a mysterious mage from the depths of Ba’al’s Temple." Also included in the update are new weapons, including the game mode's first-ever ranged weapon, Corrupted Justice, a bow and arrow fit for the dark fantasy setting. You can see a trailer for the game update below.

Hellraid was once announced to be its own fantasy RPG from the team at Techland before it was folded into a smaller DLC package within Dying Light. The 2015 game has been nothing short of an early example of a console game with great post-launch support. Before every game was a live-service, Dying Light was rather remarkably delivering consistent free and paid updates for years and years.

It may be, however, that the game's DLC kept going longer than even Techland anticipated, after the sequel hit a few development snags since its reveal in 2018. After parting ways with troubled writer Chris Avellone and a long period of radio silence, the team is back on the marketing wagon now, seeming ready to gear up for its final push. Its scheduled release date is now December 7 this year. 

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