Rainbow Six Quarantine Re-Revealed As Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Quarantine Re-Revealed As Rainbow Six Extraction

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After many rumors (and common sense) pointed to Rainbow Six Quarantine receiving a name change, and the team officially revealed that new name today. It's now officially called Rainbow Six Extraction. The PvE co-op shooter takes the popular shooter series for a sci-fi spin, facing Operators off against alien threats.

"Since announcement, the game has grown a lot. As it evolved, the heart of the experience became clearer and clearer," said Antoine Vimal du Monteil, producer at Ubisoft Montreal. "Operators uniting against a common enemy, learning about the parasite, how to overcome it, and protecting each other every step of the way."

The game will be featured during Ubisoft Forward, the publisher's E3 digital showcase coming up on June 12 at noon PT / 3 PM ET. Ubisoft is calling it the "worldwide reveal," which it technically is--under its new name. For reasons that should be obvious, the team felt it needed to pivot away from the "Quarantine" subtitle, and rumors suggested "Parasite" was to be the new name, but it's clear the team eventually found another name entirely.

The team said the singular focus of the game is "making sure no one gets left behind." It sounds like Ubisoft Montreal is reimagining what worked for Rainbow Six Siege and its intense focus on teamwork in a PvP setting and applying it to PvE.

As for what else we can expect from Ubisoft Forward, teases for the next Valhalla DLC and maybe the Watch Dogs Legion zombie mode seem possible, while the Prince of Persia team and Skull and Bones team both already said not to expect them there this time. Might Beyond Good and Evil 2 return at long last? Let's find out together this Saturday.

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