A New Mode, Map, and More Are Coming to Among Us

A New Mode, Map, and More Are Coming to Among Us

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New content is on the way for Among Us.

During the Summer Game Fest kickoff stream, it was announced that new content is coming to Among Us. A short trailer was shown, revealing the game's roadmap. New colors are on the way, and include Tan, Banana, and Coral. There will also be new visors for players to equip. The game will also soon have fifteen player support, as well as a graphics update. 

A number of new features are also on the way. Coming soon are new roles for players to take on. The two roles that have been revealed so far are the Sheriff and the Doctor. There will also be a new mode called Hide and Seek. From what is soon in the teaser trailer, one player will have to search the map with the lights off and try to find all of the other players. Achievements will be added to the game, along with account linking. The trailer also teased that a new map is also on the way. No release date for these features was given.

An Among Us Collector's Edition for PC is currently up for pre-order. The Collector's Edition will be up for pre-order until June 27th. This special Edition will set gamers back $79.99. The Among Us Collector's Edition comes with a number of items. It comes with a working Emergency Button that plays the emergency sound from the game, as well as a Collector's Box that is modeled after the button. There will also be a 18x24 inch poster, and a physical disc that will include ambient music from the game. The set will also come with an official G2 Blu-ray sized Steelbook case that will feature concept art and an interview disc. 

Among Us is currently available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, the Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. 

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