Xbox Blog Post Seems To Hint More Studio Acquisitions Are Coming

Xbox Blog Post Seems To Hint More Studio Acquisitions Are Coming

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Xbox Game Studios stands tall and proud today with 23 worldwide studios under its banner, but conflicting wording in a recent blog post seems to suggest, perhaps even unintentionally, more acquisitions are set to be revealed. In a post discussing the future of Xbox over at Xbox Wire, Microsoft's Will Tuttle used that number twice in different ways.

Here's how he first phrased it:

We also shared new updates on how Xbox Game Pass is changing the way we discover, connect, and play and how Xbox and all games from its 23 studios are coming to more screens.

And here's how he referenced the number later in the same post:

With more than 23 studios worldwide creating games for Xbox[...]

Simple error? It would seem unlikely, since the post would have to go through an editing process, but mistakes can be missed. But we call attention to it today because reliable Xbox insiders, such as Jez Corden of Windows Central and Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat have both teased the news that Microsoft isn't done buying up new studios. It's been hinted at that these new acquisitions may be announced this Sunday during Microsoft's E3 showcase, and they're on par with a Double Fine-level purchase -- think a medium-sized team with great name recognition.

Xbox is also said to be bringing highly anticipated games to its virtual stage, including Starfield, Forza Horizon 5, and Halo Infinite. That last one is a sure thing, but Horizon 5 has not yet been revealed, while Starfield has never shown more than a trailer to date.

Also expected is a release date for Psychonauts 2, perhaps another look at games such as Everwild or Hellblade 2, plus Game Pass, Game Pass, Game Pass. It wouldn't be an Xbox show without Game Pass, right? The Xbox E3 showcase will be streamed live this Sunday, June 13 at 10 AT PT / 1 PM ET.

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