Lemnis Gate Will be a Part of Xbox Game Pass On Day One

Lemnis Gate Will be a Part of Xbox Game Pass On Day One

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Lemnis Gate will be a part of Xbox Game Pass the day that it releases. 

On the Xbox Wire, Ratloop Games Canada announced that their upcoming turn-based tactical shooter Lemnis Gate will be available on Xbox Game Pass the day that it releases. The game will be available on all three platforms that Game Pass is available for: PC, Console, and Cloud. 

Lemnis Gate is a tactical, turn-based shooter. Players will take control of a team of operatives who battle across various planets near Earth. At the start of every 25 second round, gamers will pick one of seven operatives with a unique set of skills. Whatever choices are made within that round are locked in and will repeat each round until the end of the match. In subsequent turns, gamers will interact with past versions of themselves, or their opponent, directly. Before making decisions, players can plan their plays between rounds by utilizing the reconnaissance drone. The drone offers a bird's-eye view of the map, allowing gamers keep track of the action. However, they must remember that their opponents will be doing the same. 

Another core mechanic will be ghost mode. Death is not the end in Lemnis Gate. Player's actions can change the course of previous rounds through careful planning and tactical thinking. For example, an operative can be killed in round two by a grenade. Gamers can counter this in a future round by using, for example, KARL's protection orb. The dead operative would be back in the game, and all of their subsequent plays will carry out and affect the flow of the match. 

One of Lemnis Gate's maps was also revealed. The map is called Tectonic Wells, and is a fractured planet wrapped around an unstable magnesium core. The planet sports strange and bubbling magnetic anomalies. The map balances speed with precision platforming that will entice players to venture further off the beaten path in order to gain mere fractions of a second to outplay their opponents. However, if gamers take one foul step, or push their limit too hard, they will plummet into the planet's magnetic depths. 

Lemnis Gate will be available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Game Pass. 

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