Back 4 Blood Will Include PvP Mode Called Swarm

Back 4 Blood Will Include PvP Mode Called Swarm

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Back 4 Blood launches this fall on most major platforms including Xbox Game Pass, and when it does, players will be able to take over as the zombies, or "Ridden," just like the glory days of Left 4 Dead. Warner Bros. and Turtle Beach showed up during several E3 events, including the game's own personal stage time during the "Warner Bros. Presents Back 4 Blood Showcase," admittedly named in part to not allow unrealistic expectations for viewers looking for more information on Gotham Knights, Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League, and Hogwarts Legacy.

But the co-op zombie shooter did well to stand on its own, first with the reveal that it's coming to Game Pass on day one, October 12, alongside other platforms like PlayStation and PC. The team also got to dive deep into the PvP mode, Swarm, showing off what it's like for players when they take control of the game's undead army, the Ridden. You can see more of what that's like in this new trailer.

Back 4 Blood comes as the spiritual successor to 2008/9's Left 4 Dead games, which have had their fair share of spiritual successors already in games like World War Z, Zombie Army, and Earthfall, among many more. The difference this time: this one is made by Turtle Beach, the same team that made the originals for PC and Xbox over a decade ago.

The game will launch with twice as many survivors as the games of yesteryear, giving players eight heroes to get acquainted with, as well as the biggest monster the team has ever made: the mountainous Ogre, which chases players through levels like a multi-part boss battle if they don't stand and fight it the first time. Back 4 Blood hopes to become the new standard-bearer in a genre that has filled up quickly as of late. We'll see if it's able to when it arrives on October 12 for major platforms including PC, Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, and PlayStation.


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