Phasmophobia's Latest Update Adds Two New Ghost Types

Phasmophobia's Latest Update Adds Two New Ghost Types

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A new update has dropped for Phasmophobia, bringing a few additions with it. 

Phasmophobia just got a new update. On Steam, it was announced that new content and fixes were added to the game. The update adds two new ghost types: Yokai and Hantu. The update also adds a new map. The map is a small house called Willow Street House. The map has no closets or lockers to hide in, and was designed around hiding behind furniture. Two new daily challenges were also added, and focus around taking either three star ghost photos or a photo of dirty water. 

Phasmophobia's latest update also added quality of life improvements. There will now be a way to reset corrupt save files. A profanity filter was added for user and server names. The item store now has a sell back button that will allow players to sell items for 50% of their original price. Text to show the name of the level below the map in the truck was added, as well as a confirmation timer if players change their resolution. 

A number of changes and fixes were also made to Phasmophobia. The smudge stick's smoking time has been reduced from 15 to 6 seconds in order to match the ghost delay during a hunt. Kicked players will now be automatically kicked when they try to re-join. There will now be a small chance that the ghost will wander far from its room. There was an increase in the ghosts chance to open or close a door when its not hunting, as well as an increased chance for ghosts to interact with objects. If a player falls out of a map or goes out of bounds they will now be teleported to the last place that they were instead of back in the truck. The full list of changes and fixes can be read here

Phasmophobia is available for PC. 

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