Fractured Veil Brings The Post-Apocalypse To Hawaii In 2022

Fractured Veil Brings The Post-Apocalypse To Hawaii In 2022

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Fans of survival games and post-apocalyptic settings have a new game to put on their radar in Fractured Veil, which will kick off its crowdfunding campaign later this year. Fractured Veil is billed as a "survival game set in a future Hawaii ravaged by sun, sand, and savagery," giving players a new setting where they must build bases, scavenge for supplies, and fend off mutants from another reality.

Players take on the role of survivors called Thrivers, and it's up to them to ally with others on the island of Maui, with its once gorgeous white sandy beaches now left disheveled by an otherworldly accident. Players can establish trade routes and form community hubs where they may coexist peacefully in the face of a common enemy, venturing into dungeons to secure the rarest loot available. In an interesting wrinkle, the game seems to tease some sort of Big Brother-like system where players are constantly under surveillance:

Keep both eyes peeled: everyone on Maui is under surveillance. AI-controlled drones scan the map, broadcasting to global audiences via Fractured Veil’s official website, Twitch, and Steam page. Tune into drone broadcasts to observe the in-game multiverse and plan a trip to a parallel universe through “veils” that allow instant teleportation. Unleash chaos on a new server, or find a new place to call home.

It sounds a bit like the Even Stevens movie, except with more bloodshed, no doubt. Fractured Veil will arrive first on PC via Steam Early Access in Q2 2022, with a Kickstarter campaign set to launch in support of the project later this fall. 

You can watch the announcement trailer here, then prep yourself for your Hawaiian getaway.

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