Aliens Fireteam Gets A Slightly Revised Name And An August Launch Date

Aliens Fireteam Gets A Slightly Revised Name And An August Launch Date

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The video game release schedule never rests anymore, and this August's newly revealed release date for Aliens Fireteam Elite is further proof of that. The game once known as simply Aliens Fireteam is now going by Aliens Fireteam Elite, though its price point is attractively more toward the middle of the pack.

Aliens Fireteam Elite will launch on August 24 for $40 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC via Steam. For the players who don't mind going big with their Alien fandom, there will also be a $70 Deluxe Edition which includes the Endeavor Pass and the Endeavor Veteran Pack. The former is a bundle of four cosmetic sets including class kit skins, weapon colors, head accessories, and more. 

Each of these bundles will come alongside future free major gameplay updates. Meanwhile, the Endeavor Veteran Pack includes armor kit skins, emotes, weapon colors, and decals, apparently all ready to go on day one. Anyone who pre-orders will also get the Hardened Marine Pack, which includes a Bandana head accessory, Red Digital Camo weapon colors, 3 weapon decals, and a “Chestburster” joke emote.

The story is set over two decades after the original Alien trilogy onboard the USS Endeavor. Players take on the role of Colonial Marines (not to bring back bad memories) whose job it is to answer a distress signal from outer colonies. 

There are more than 20 different enemy types including the iconic xenomorphs and Weyland-Yutani synthetics. Additionally, players can choose from five character classes, customize their weapons and mods, and utilize a Challenge Card system to keep replays fresh on new missions.

“With Aliens: Fireteam, you and your friends will experience stepping into the boots of a squad of hardened Colonial Marines fighting in the ultimate battle for survival,” said Craig Zinkievich, Head of Cold Iron Studios. “This is the action game Aliens fans have been waiting for – hordes of different Xenomorphs swarming over ceilings and across walls, surrounding your team and striking from every angle. Work together, customize your character, utilize tons of weapons and gear and…well, you just might get your fireteam out alive.”

Aliens: Fireteam will be the first mainline game in the series since the release of the well-received horror Alien: Isolation in 2014. It's also the first action/shooter game in the series since the much poorer Aliens: Colonial Marines in 2013.



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