Star Wars: The Old Republic's Next Expansion Releases Later This Year

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Next Expansion Releases Later This Year

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A new expansion is on the way for Star Wars: The Old Republic

It has been announced that a new expansion is coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic later this year (via Polygon). Entitled Legacy of the Sith, the expansion will release this holiday season, and will start The Old Republic's 10th anniversary event, which will run through 2022. In the expansion, players will hunt down the renegade Sith Darth Malgus on the planet of Manaan. Darth Malgus has been a presence in The Old Republic since its start nearly ten years ago. The conflict with him has been building through the game's quests and campaigns over the years. 

Legacy of the Sith will add a new Flash Point and Operation for players to take on together. The expansion will also raise the level cap from 75 to 80. Gamers can expect big improvements to day-to-day play style. There will also be big improvements to character customization, class design, and itemization. 

The upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion will also add a feature called Combat Styles. Through Combat Styles, players can choose a specific class story and combine it with ability sets from other tech- or Force-wielding classes. 

The Old Republic is currently in the midst of a number of events. Until July 13th, players can enjoy Double XP, Valor, Renown, and more. The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event will run until August 10th, and will allow players to test their luck at the Star Cluster, Club Vertica Casinos, and Mek-Sha. Rare and extravagant rewards await those who who are touched by Lady Luck, with new Daily Missions and rewards awaiting those who are flushed with credits. Finally, players can partake in the Rakghoul Resurgence on Tatooine event until July 6th. Gamers must be at least level 25 to partake in the event. In this event, players can help combat the spread of the Rakghoul plague in quarantine zones on Tatooine. Gamers will be able to earn a number of rewards by participating. 

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available now for PC. The game is free-to-play. 

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