Splitgate's Full Release Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

Splitgate's Full Release Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

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It seems that Splitgate is not coming out officially anytime soon. 

It has been announced that Splitgate has been delayed indefinitely (via GameSpot). Developer 1047 Games made the announcement that they will keep the game in beta "for the foreseeable future." The studio has realized that they cannot simply throw more server capacity at the game. Its scalability issues require more complex fixes than that. They did tease that more news will be coming to Gamescom on August 25th. 

It was also announced that Splitgate has been downloaded over ten million times. This is a massive accomplishment for the title, which originally released through Early Access in 2019. The game's popularity spiked this past summer, and was originally planned to release later this month. However, the massive influx of players and stress on its servers caused 1047 Games to delay the game indefinitely while they work on it. 

Splitgate is an arena shooter that has traces of both Halo and Portal. Gamers use player-controlled portals to create a new dimension of combat. Players can use these strategically placed portals to fly, flank, and frag through the air in order to reach previously-impossible heights. All players start with the same loadout, eliminating any advantages from the start. Power weapons will spawn across the map on a timer, which can be used to achieve montage-worthy killstreaks. The game's standard FPS controls and portal mechanics mean beginners will be up and running right off the bat. The skill cap is unlimited as gamers constantly evolve their strategies and their ability to think with portals in order to outplay each other. 

Splitgate's beta can currently be played on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Current-gen upgrades are being worked on, though there was no word on when we can expect those to drop. 

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