Dead Space Remake Will Include Some Welcome Revamps

Dead Space Remake Will Include Some Welcome Revamps

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Motive Studio has shed some light on the upcoming Dead Space remake. 

During a livestream, Motive Studio discussed the Dead Space remake (via Polygon). The developer showed off early footage of a prototype displaying the game's revamped limb-cutting. The remake will keep the original's cutting intact, but will add some strategic depth to it. Each weapon will now affect the various kinds of Necromorphs in different ways. Some weapons will stagger, stun, or shred depending on which type of enemy they are being used on. The dismembering will be rendered in even greater detail than before thanks to next-gen software and the use of the Frostbite engine. The layers of flesh and bone coming off of a Necromorph will be rendered better than before, with the amount of flesh still attached to the enemy being an indicator of its health. 

Motive also addressed the zero-gravity sections of Dead Space. These sections of the game were frustrating in the original, though it seems that Motive is working to improve these sections of the title. The studio showed off a brief demo of one of these sections, displaying the remake's improved take on the controls. 

Dead Space was revealed last month during the EA Play 2021 livestream. It was announced at the time that the game will come to PC and next-gen consoles. The remake is being developed with the Frostbite engine, which is the same engine that was used on the Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront titles. As seen today, the remake will be making improvements to gameplay while staying true to the original. A small teaser was released alongside the game's announcement, which can be seen here. The teaser shows off the bloodied halls of the USG Ishimura, and gives us a brief glance at a Necromorph. The teaser ends with Isaac Clark, the game's protagonist, restoring his health at a workstation, and the words "Cut off their limbs" written on a wall in blood. 

Dead Space will come to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. 

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