Rockstar Considers Bully To Be One Of Its Most Popular Series

Rockstar Considers Bully To Be One Of Its Most Popular Series

From TheGamer (Written by George Foster) on | OpenCritic

Rockstar Games has revealed on its updated PC storefront that it considers Bully (also known as Canis Canem Edit) to be one of its most popular franchises.

As great as it is knowing that Grand Theft Auto 6 is not only a real, confirmed thing but that we'll be playing it at some point during Fall 2025, it's a bit of a shame for anyone hoping to see Rockstar release anything else in the near future. That pain is especially felt by Bully fans, who have been hearing murmurs about a sequel for the past decade.

With five sages looking for a fight, bokoblins don't stand a chance.

While it seems like we're no closer to finally getting Bully 2, we do at least have some proof that Rockstar still thinks about the series and holds it in high regard. That's probably going to be little comfort to anyone hoping Bully's sequel might get teased soon, but we'll take what we can get with GTA 6 clearly being Rockstar's focus.

As pointed out by Twitter user videotechuk_, Rockstar recently redesigned its storefront for the Rockstar Games launcher. Beyond the spiffy new look, the most notable thing about the redesign is...

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