One Popular Baldur’s Gate 3 Character Almost Wasn’t Romanceable

One Popular Baldur’s Gate 3 Character Almost Wasn’t Romanceable

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The shapeshifting Druid Halsin was not initially intended to be a romance option in Baldur's Gate 3, according to senior narrative designer Baudelaire Welch. The many romance options in Baldur's Gate 3 have been praised by many fans of the game, but the Wood Elf was not originally going to be counted among them.

Halsin is unique among the game's romance options in that he is one of two romanceable companions who are not Origin characters. Halsin made his debut during early access, being a pivotal character that players seek out throughout the first half of Act 1 in Baldur's Gate 3, and who sets the player on the path towards Moonrise Towers, leading to the second Act of the game. He immediately became a fan favorite, as he was one of the few characters in game's early access period that seemed to genuinely want to help the player. His unique physical build also made him stand out among the cast. When it was revealed in the pre-launch stream that players would be able to romance Halsin, many were understandably excited.

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