Let Me Solo Her Is Now Destroying Shadow Of The Erdtree's Final Boss

Let Me Solo Her Is Now Destroying Shadow Of The Erdtree's Final Boss

From TheGamer (Written by Joshua Robertson) on | OpenCritic

Ever since the release of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree last month, community legend Let Me Solo Her has been right there with the rest of us, getting battered, bruised, and turned into paste by all the game's now notoriously difficult boss fights. Despite all this, Let Me Solo Her has maintained a rather understanding perspective on the game's difficulty, getting better and better as he got more familiar with the Land of Shadow's biggest bad guys.

It wasn't that long before Let Me Solo Her turned into Let Me Solo Him, helping other players get past one of the DLC's biggest roadblocks in Messmer the Impaler. Having successfully mastered Messmer, Let Me Solo Her then turned their attention to the DLC's final boss, one that was "kicking his butt" less than two weeks ago. You wouldn't know that from Let Me Solo Her's latest run though.

Having now transformed into Let Me Solo Them, the Elden Ring legend is now camped outside the arena for Radahn, Consort of Miquella, and recently uploaded a near flawless takedown of the duo to their YouTube channel earlier this week (thanks GamesRadar). Having been summoned into the world of another player called...

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