Apex Legends Drops To "Mixed" On Steam Amidst Battle Pass Changes

Apex Legends Drops To "Mixed" On Steam Amidst Battle Pass Changes

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Apex Legends is "evolving" the battle pass in Season 22. It will be split into two parts, neither of which can be purchased with Apex Coins. Instead, they'll cost $9.99 each, or $19.99 for both.

Fans are so angry at the news that the "Recent Reviews" score on Steam plummeted to "Mixed" overnight in protest of these changes. "Very good battle pass update," wrote one player. "Makes my uninstall button spin".

I'm uninstalling the game, unless Respawn and EA walk back on these BP changes it will stay that way.

"Uninstalled due to new BP," another said. "Final nail in the coffin."

"After playing since Season 1, I'm very sad it has come to this," writes another. "The company is greedy and will never listen to the community".

"The game already had tons of issues for many seasons, and yet EA decides to make the game's already predatory monetisation even worse," reads one review. "Great job".

They really know how to split their player base like they do their battle passes.

"Hi, Billy Mays here and in two easy steps I can show you how to pi-- off your dwindling playerbase," another says.

While a lot of players are instinctively...

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