Next Overwatch hero is a hamster named Hammond

Next Overwatch hero is a hamster named Hammond

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The Overwatch Twitter has revealed the game's next hero as a rolling mech-using hamster named Hammond. Blizzard has been teasing out the new hero for several days, but it's probably safe to say that no one expected a...hamster.

"Hammond" was the name given to one of the test subjects at the Horizon Lunar Colony. His official designation was Specimen 8. and he's a hamster.Before the base's fall, Hammond escaped from his cage. Dr. Zhang noted his absence, but few within the base gave it much heed. Hammond possibly escaped into the base's ventilation system, as in the same timeframe, Flores noted strange noises coming from the system.Years later, Lucheng Interstellar was able to retrieve information from Horizon's still-operating monitoring system. Hammond was noted to be missing from the base.

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