Far Cry 5 takes you to Mars next week

Far Cry 5 takes you to Mars next week

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Ready for some cosmonautic adventures in Far Cry 5? If so, you can head into outer space starting July 17th when Ubisoft releases the Lost on Mars DLC. Mars is part of the Season Pass for players who have purchased it, or the DLC can be purchased separately.

Oh and here's an out of this world trailer:

When Nick Rye agrees to help Hurk out of a jam, he never expects it will lead him outside of Hope County … and all the way to Mars! Teleported to a hostile planet with only Hurk by his side, Nick must master powerful technology to battle alien arachnids and restore power to ANNE – a futuristic AI who represents humanity’s last line of defense against eight-legged invaders with Earth in their sights.

Players will have access to "space-age weapons" in the main campaign including The Obliteratorrrr, Tazer Phazer Anniliazer, Nerve Reaper, Grape Popper and Hellfire. In addition, they'll also receive a male and female version of the Lost on Mars space suit.

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