Starcraft II Premium Arcade coming in next update

Starcraft II Premium Arcade coming in next update

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When the 4.3.0 update for Starcraft 2 launches, it's going to come along with one of the most-requested features ever: The Premium Arcade. If you set your mind on wayback mode, you'll remember that Blizzard promised this feature all the way back in 2009. Proving that good ideas never die, developers are finally fulfilling that commitment.

The Premium Arcade will feature maps created by community members working cooperatively with Blizzard developers. The maps they create together will be sold in the Premium Arcade with the community member taking home part of the proceeds.

At the moment, two maps are slated for release: ARK Star from Daniel "Pirate" Altman and Direct Strike from "Tya".The maps will run $4.99 each, though in the case of the latter, there will also be a free version available.

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