Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion explores climate change

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion explores climate change

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Sid Meier's Civilization VI is ready to grow again with the release of the Gathering Storm expansion for Windows PC on February 14, 2019. Players will embark on a series of new challenges "where climatology and geology present unique" situations.

In Gathering Storm, you can use the Power system to improve the effectiveness of some of your late game buildings. There are strategic resources that can be burned for fuel – Coal, Uranium, Oil – but doing so will have an adverse effect on CO2 levels in the world and impact the Global Temperature of the planet. This increases the chances of flooding and storms, sea levels can rise, and may melt the polar ice caps. As you settle coastal cities, it’s important to keep an eye on their level of risk with rising sea levels, just in case you or your neighbors become reliant on Strategic resources for Power. But additional Research will provide alternative options – Geothermal energy, Wind Farms, Solar Farms, and more.

Check out the link above for a more detailed explanation of the new content coming to Civilization VI.

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