Fallout 76 NPCs Delayed to Next Year; Private Servers Come Next Week

Fallout 76 NPCs Delayed to Next Year; Private Servers Come Next Week

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Fallout 76's one year anniversary is coming up next month, and many were anticipating the Wastelanders expansion to release around that time. Bethesda has announced the Wastelanders expansion has been delayed to 2020. Private Fallout 76 servers still plan to launch next week, however.

If you wanted to have your own Fallout 76 world for just you and your friends, you'll only have to wait until next week. You'll also be able to mod your private worlds in the future. The catch is having your own private world is going to cost you. Bethesda has yet to announce pricing.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Update Delayed

The Wastelanders update was announced during E3 several months ago, to much excitement for fans of the series and some astonishment to others in the cheering the announcement that the game would have NPCs got. The update contains much more than that of course, with a new storyline to experience and dialogue options to interact with said NPCs.

More gear and weapons are included in the Wastelanders update as well, so you can customize the way to play even further. The main purpose of the update is a story and some characters to engage with, but part of the sell of Fallout 76 is still being able to make your own story in the world.

Bethesda ended their announcement stating there's still updates to come in 2019, which include a lot of fixes and quality of life improvements a lot of the community has asked for. Fans of the game may not have much content to look forward to the rest of this year, but Bethesda's still working on improving the game as a whole.

More information about the private servers and their pricing should be coming in the next few days.

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