Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets In the Halloween Spirit with a New Game Mode

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets In the Halloween Spirit with a New Game Mode

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We're less than 48 hours away from Halloween, but developers are still getting their seasonal events in their games. The latest comes today in the 2018 award-winner, Red Dead Redemption 2. Fear of the Dark is a new game mode that pits Hunters against Night Stalkers in a Showdown mode variant with a Texas Chain Saw Massacre aesthetic.

In Fear of the Dark, one team plays the Night Stalkers. They're " supernaturally fast, tough, and strong" and they roam the wild west in search of Hunters to destroy before the tables can be turned. Hunters are entirely mortal, but their weapons can be imbued with powerful magical properties of their own if the Hunters can find and equip enough of the skulls strewn about each round. With each skull claimed by Hunters, the Night Stalkers grow weaker while the Hunters gain new powers.

Hunters win when they've claimed every skull mask and and destroyed every last Hunter. Fear of the Dark is a limited-time mode running from today until November 12. It comes alongside a few other promotions in Red Dead Online. For one, those playing this new mode will earn 3X the gold and 2X the RDO$ until November 3.

Other Halloween-themed content continues to be on offer from last week, including some nightmarish masks, the Creature and the Swine. To unlock those, players must just log in this week, as they're entirely free. Those who reach levels 10 and 20 in the Outlaw Pass will also unlock variants of the Freak and Horror masks, while winning any round of Fear of the Dark will net you another variant of the Horror mask. These masks and more seasonal items are available until November 3rd.

Also announced today is a new Legendary Bounty by the name of Tobin Winfield. As a corrupt politician, Winfield embezzled government money for years and it's put a target on his back.

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