Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Datamine Suggests Dozens of New Maps and Game Modes Incoming

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Datamine Suggests Dozens of New Maps and Game Modes Incoming

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A new datamine by Redditor Senescallo has revealed the apparent existence of nearly 40 new maps and 23 new game modes in the files of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and hints at what may be coming down the content pipeline in the game's post-launch calendar. Senescallo posted the contents of their inspection on the Modern Warfare subreddit over the course of two different days, including some related concept art and map icons to verify their efforts.

The nearly 40 maps include some from previous games, like Crash and Rust, as well as some brand new maps too. They are Cage, Cargo, Hook, Aniyah Tac, Crash, Dam, Krovnik, Farmland, Gulag, Hospital, Layover, Lowline, Lumber, Malyshev, Milbase, Oasis, Port, Prison, Rivne, Shipment (Day and Night), Slums, Stadium, Sub Base, Super, Urzikstan, Torez, Transit, TV Station, Faridah, Rust, Takedown, Borderline, Smetna Farms, Gun Course, and Marksman Range.

Senescallo later revealed 23 game modes also in Modern Warfare files. Like the maps, they include a mix of old and new ways to play the perennially popular series. Those modes are Arms Race (+Hardcore), Showdown (+Hardcore), Onslaught, Incursion, Breach, Fireteam, Team Juggernaut, Reinforce, Rupture, One in the Chamber, Invasion (+Hardcore), Infected, High Value Target, Gun Game, Grind, Drop Zone, Demolition, Defender, Search and Rescue, Capture the Flag, Fire Mission (+Hardcore), Assault, and All or Nothing.

It should be noted that not everything found in a game's files in this manner is guaranteed to make it into the game. Sometimes this sort of content is left there as developer prototypes. Modern Warfare's post-launch support follows the increasingly popular season pass system where players can buy into bonus cosmetic unlocks, but all other content like maps and modes will be free for all players so as not to divide the player base.

The Modern Warfare at Infinity Ward team has not commented on the leak but they will surely provide more info as the months go on as they look to supplement their best-selling game with more content to keep players invested.

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