It Seems the Entire Pokedex for Pokemon Sword and Shield has Been Leaked

It Seems the Entire Pokedex for Pokemon Sword and Shield has Been Leaked

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Pokemon Sword and Shield is a little over a week away. Despite this, a leak for the two titles seems to have surfaced. The leak covers a lot of different bases, including the new Pokemon coming in the game, as well as the overall Pokedex for the Galar region.


On ResetEra, a number of leaks surrounding Pokemon Sword and Shield were released. Among these leaks are the number of new Pokemon, as well as the number of Galarian forms for older pocket monsters. According to the ResetEra thread, there will be 81 new species in the latest Pokemon entry, as well as 13 Galarian forms, bringing the total to 94 new monsters. There will be new evolutions for some of the Galarian forms of older pocket monsters, with Meowth, Farfetch'd, Corsola, Linoone, Yamask and Mr. Mime. You can see every new Pokemon and form plus their typing in the graphic below.

Also leaked was the entire Pokedex for the Galar region. The region will boast 400 Pokemon in all. This goes along with the previous announcement that not every Pokemon to appear in past games will be making it to Sword and Shield. This meant major cuts, including Pokemon such as Dragonite and its evolution line. You can see who made it and who did not in the graphic below.

Also revealed were all of the Gigantamax Pokemon. This feature is like Mega Evolutions from the previous generation, with only a select few Pokemon obtaining these forms. This includes Charizard, Butterfree, Machamp, Lapras, and Kingler. A number of new Pokemon will also receive the ability to transform into the new form, with 17 monsters in total being able to transform.

While the leak seems legit, we will see if it is true or not when Pokemon Sword and Shield releases late next week.

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