Valve Has Announced the Return of Half-Life With A New VR Title

Valve Has Announced the Return of Half-Life With A New VR Title

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A new Half-Life title is on the way. And this time it will be in VR.

Recent rumors pointed to the existence of a new Half -Life title. Today on Twitter, Valve confirmed those rumors by revealing Half-Life: Alyx, a new VR title. The developer stated in the tweet that the "flagship VR game" will be unveiled on Thursday, November 21st at 10 am PST. Other than the game confirmation and reveal date, not much else is known about the title at the moment.

Valve's reveal comes after a rumor that a new Half-Life title was going to be revealed at this year's Game Awards. A supposed interview transcript between Geoff Keighley and Valve developers leaked, revealing the upcoming VR title. The interview gave Half-Life: Alyx a March 2020 release date, though that is yet to be confirmed.

The Alyx part of Half-Life: Alyx likely comes from character Alyx Vance, who was introduced in Half-Life 2. We last saw Alyx at the end of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. The game ended in a cliffhanger, so perhaps the new VR title will clear some things up.

Half-Life: Alyx will be the first title in the series to release in over a decade. The upcoming reveal will coincide with the 21st anniversary of the first Half-Life. The last game in the franchise, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, released over a decade, leaving fans to wait in the dark for a continuation of the franchise. It is unknown where the upcoming VR title will take place in the series' timeline, and will hopefully pick up where Episode 2 left off. This new game may not be Half-Life 3, which fans are still holding their breath for, but at least we are getting something revolving around the franchise. We will have to wait and see what to expect this Thursday.

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