Blair Witch Coming to PS4 in December

Blair Witch Coming to PS4 in December

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Bloober Team, the studio behind popular horror games such as Layers of Fear and Observer, has announced that their latest effort, Blair Witch, is coming to PS4 on December 3 after months of console exclusivity on Xbox where it spent time as a launch day Xbox Game Pass title. The reveal came alongside a new trailer showcasing the more positive reviews the game received back when it launched at the end of August.

The first-person horror game is official canon to the Blair Witch story universe and takes place in the '90s like the original movie which birthed the found footage craze back in 1999. It tells the story of a police officer suffering from some mental health issues during a search for a lost boy in the woods. Like the movie and Bloober Team's other games, environments are often distorted and ever-changing in an effort to keep players on their toes, never sure of what's around the corner, or what's behind them for that matter.

For players on all platforms, a new DLC pack titled the Good Boy Pack is also on the way. It offers new skins and animations for your in-game dog companion, Bullet, as well as new games to play on your era-appropriate cell phone.

Though the new trailer highlights several very favorable review scores, the overall critical reception for Blair Witch has been mixed. It sits today with a Fair 69 OpenCritic score and has been recommended by only 41% of critics after 77 reviews. It's likely a new batch of PS4 reviewers will give their thoughts on the game following its December 3 release date, so maybe that score will improve with new eyes on the project, not to mention following a few patches that have been delivered since launch, which have helped repair the game's buggy state in August and September.

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