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Apex Legends' Level Cap is About to Be Increased

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A new level cap is being introduced in Apex Legends, and will bring with it a number of changes in Player Level progression.

On the official Apex Legends Blog, it was announced that the level cap in Apex Legends will increase from 100 to 500. Experience required to reach level 100 has been reduced by 5% in order to smooth out per level experience increases. Gamers will also be able to earn 199 Apex Packs by level 500, up from 45. Levels 2 through 20 will reward players an Apex Pack every level, while level 22 through 300 will rewards an Apex Pack every two levels. Levels 305 through 500 will nab players a pack every five levels. Gamers will continue to earn 600 Legend tokens per level, and per 18,000 experience after level 500. All players will b retroactively awarded any Apex Packs that they should have received under the new system. For example, those who are currently level 100 will receive 14 Packs when the system goes live

Players will receive a Player Level Gun Charm every 100 Player Levels. 36 new Gun Charms are going into Apex Packs at Epic and Legendary tier. Gun Charms will now appear in the Rotating Shop for those who would prefer to receive them through direct purchase. Gamers will also receive a new badge every 10 levels from level 110 to 500.

Under Apex Legends' old system, there was a large increase of experience required to level up at 26. Under the upcoming system, there will be a reduced rate at which experience required to level up increases from levels 20 to 58. This change should make it easier for newer players as they will get more rewards faster through level 58. Because the experience requirements are being reduced, players between 20 and 99 may find that they are a level higher when the change goes live if they were close to leveling up. These experience changes will not have an effect on those who are already level 100. The maximum experience required per level will remain at 18,000 starting at level 58, rather than level 26, and will remain constant through level 500.

Under this new system, new players should be able to receive more rewards faster. It should also give old players a reason to continue playing Apex legends in order to reach the new, and much higher, level cap. All of these changes will go live on December 3rd.

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